Why investors are increasingly choosing to make the UAE home

Date 10th March 2022

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Positive reforms and regulations

The introduction of financial regulations and reforms over the past 12 months, coupled with its handling of the coronavirus crisis, has helped make the UAE a “model country” for people to come and live, work and invest in. Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, the UAE passed a number of landmark reforms, amending laws on inheritance, bounced cheques and bankruptcies. The country also provided substantial economic support, on top of initiatives such as the retirement visaremote working visa and the 10-year golden visa.


For those that have visited or lived in the UAE it goes without saying that it is by far on of the safest countries for you and your family. Law and order are the country’s top most priority and great deal of attention is paid to create a safe and reliable environment all residents and tourist alike.  Ranked within the top 10 year after year, UAE provides its residents with the feeling of security and safety for men, women and children. The last five years has seen an influx of families moving to the UAE from various crime ridden countries across Africa and Asia.

Reginal business hub with global reach

Dubai is one of the world’s leading business hubs, and with a business-friendly mindset, is the preferred location for the global and regional headquarters of some of the largest corporations in the world. A strong regulatory framework, an economic and social resilience, and a focus on innovation and technology to drive productivity and human well-being make Dubai the hub of an evolving global business firmament.

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