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Conduct your own research

You may already have a price in mind for your home, but is it feasible and realistic in the Dubai real estate market? Compare your property to ones that have sold in your neighborhood by visiting to property portals and looking around. Perhaps looking at similar houses in other areas to see what homebuyers can get for the sale price you have in mind for your own property might be beneficial. Monthly market price indexes will be supplied to you so you can keep track of what is selling and at what price in your community.

Find a professional agent

It is essential that you choose an agent with whom you can establish not only a professional but also a friendly relationship. It’s crucial that you feel comfortable speaking openly and honestly with your agent.

They’ll give you tips and insight about the Dubai property market as well as the location where you’re selling. They will give you with market evaluations and show you the pricing of previously sold properties.

Consider going Exclusive

Your property will be marketed with a single message and in a specific methodology thanks to exclusivity with Fortune 5. This will help deter a multiplicity of advertisements for your property from appearing, some of which may even have a different market value than what you and your broker settled on.

With to Fortune 5’s exclusivity, your property will be marketed with a unique message and a specific procedure. This can help to eliminate many of the advertising for your property from appearing, some of which may have a market value that differs from what you and your broker consented on.

Market Expertise

It is essential to organize your house before beginning the selling process. Your home will be shot professionally, and you want it to be as clean and appealing as possible. If there are any snagging tasks that need to be done, we recommend that you finish them before your home is set for the marketing process. 

Fortune 5 invests a substantial amount of time and money in marketing your home. We can take professional photographs, 3D tours, and video tours of chosen properties, all of which will be promoted on our social media platforms. With our buyers, we will undertake dedicated team call out sessions, as well as email and SMS contact.


Make sure your property is in excellent nick before a potential buyer arrives to see it. We recommend that you communicate the features of your property with your broker. Tell them what you like best about your house! Perhaps it’s the view from your balcony of the sunset or the dawn over your garden as you sip your morning coffee. Our agents may share information to potential buyers and and influence the buyer to take a positive decision.

Sign the Memorandum of Agreement (MOU)

A memorandum of understanding is a formal document that outlines an agreement between two or more parties. It is not legally binding, but it indicates the parties’ willingness to move forward with the contract. Before proceeding on to the transfer step, your agent will go through every detail of the process with you to ensure that you are comfortable with it and that you understand your obligations and responsibilities.

Progression of the Sale

From the developer’s No Objections Certificate (NOC) until the transfer, we at Fortune 5 will be with you at every step to smoothen your selling process.

Our Agents work as a middleman between you as a seller, the buyer, the developer, and the banks involved. With their years of expertise, they are highly proactive and know the process thoroughly. To avoid delays, your agent will ensure that all your documents are in place before starting the process.

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