First time real estate investor guide

Date 09th December, 2021

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Stepping into the real estate investors realm can be a daunting feeling, however with the right amount of research and knowledge this process can be made simple and easy. 

Success lies in always being one step ahead of the market and keeping a track of changing trends.

When considering investment options in real estate, consider the points below:

Understand the market

Before investing in any property, it’s essential to find out about the local market and analyse the competition. Researching similar properties available will give you a fair indication on the current prices as well as the current relevant rentals that can be achieved. This will help give you a true value of the property.


“Location, location, location”; is the cardinal rule when investing in any property. It is crucial to pay attention to the location in order to maximise your investment and rental yield. Step one would be to establish what kind of property you want to invest in and what you aim to achieve from this ownership. Step two is to pick a location or locations, that you are keen to invest in and research property availability, prices, rentals and connectivity to major commercial and entertainment areas.  

Research the property

Choose a property that matches your investment strategy, taking into account all the different factors that will affect the bottom line. Pay close attention to what appeals to tenants, leasing terms, interest rates, actual price, value retention over time and the age and condition of the property.

The Real Estate Agent You’ll Work With

When you’re about to buy your very first property, choosing a seasoned real estate agent that is an area expert in the location you have chosen is extremely important. The right agent will be update and be able to educate you on current property trends, laws and process involved in purchasing the property. He or she will also be a key factor in finding you the right property and will keep an eye out on any good deals in the area.  


Ease and comfort of  Property Management  

Investment of a property does not end at ownership; property managers can take away the stress and strain which may occur when renting out your property and can give you peace of mind that your property will be looked after. A property managers task is to deal with all the day-to-day running of your property including rent collection, repairs and any other issues that come up.

If you are on overseas investor, then managing your Dubai property from afar can be a daunting task, the ease and comfort of having a property manager to handle all task related to the property allows you to enjoy the investment made.

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