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Research and Analyze Market Stats

It is certainly difficult to select a specific location when there is a wide range of highly-tempting options. To get the best return on your investment, it is essential to start your personal research of the property market.

As an interested investor, you can also read about the current trends, predictions, and patterns on financial investments. Newer projects for investment in Dubai may be more attractive for investors. The more you research, the more benefits you can extract from UAE’s real estate market.


Location is the key when looking to buy a property in Dubai. Whether you are willing to invest in an apartment or a luxury property, location plays a vital role. Some of the key locations in the city provide oppoertunities for a high quality lifestyle.

Hence, investors should look to buy property in Dubai that could be beneficial for them. Looking for such properties can be time-consuming; however, Fortune 5 offers you a list of the best real estate in Dubai at ideal locations that can provide long-term yield on investment.


Before investing in Dubai’s real estate market, you should evaluate the overall tenure for which you plan to remain in the UAE. This is important as it will helps you to determine the total value that you can derive from your potential return on investment. However, if you are not sure of your possible commitment or long-term plans in the UAE, renting a property is better.


One of the most important factors that are considered globally for purchasing real estate property is affordability.

Currently, because of the low property prices caused by the pandemic, the real estate market in Dubai has become a buyer’s market. Hence, this is a great time for investors looking for houses and properties to invest in Dubai.

Rental Yields 

If you are thinking of renting out your property in Dubai, you should focus on how much monetary gains you will get. This will help you assess if the potential rental income is adequate for covering your repayment, mortgage, and maintenance expenses.

Residence Visa 

The real estate properties that are valued at AED 1 million or above in the UAE can help you gain a residency visa. This could be subjected to specific guidelines.

There are mainly two types of residence visas that are typically available in the UAE. One is a six-month multi-entry. The other is a two-year visa for residency. Owners of real estate properties also have an option to sponsor residence visas for their families.

A property in Dubai that has been valued at AED 5 million or more, has no specific mortgage value attached to it and has been retained for 36 months or more can help potential expatriates or foreigners get a residency visa of 5-years or more. This depends primarily on specific conditions for eligibility.

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